Vornado Vintage Vfans in Four Sizes and Colors

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Vornado Vintage Vfans in Four Sizes and Colors


Since our VORNADO fan story based on Richard Ten Eyck’s design in 1945, I’ve been craving it. When the heat and humidity returned to Wisconsin for the summer, I casually mentioned my wish to my husband. This is a man’s self-heated stove all year round, and immediately agreed that it would be a good purchase. So I went to Amazon (affiliate link) to order one and found out that Vornado now offers four sizes and four color of this fabulous retro fan

Originally, I wanted this fan to sit on our dresser and let the air circulate in our room so that we could sleep more comfortably, so I chose the Vfan Jr.it would be a good choice for that small space where we just wanted a little breeze to help us fall asleep.
Then I noticed that in addition to the green, red and chrome color options originally offered by Vornado, they also added a beautiful Vintage white color that best matched our bedroom color scheme — VFAN Jr. in Vintage white, that is!

The Vornado Vfan Jr. the Vintage white is super cute and sits perfectly on the edge of our Broyhill Brasilia dresser in our bedroom. It has two speed settings — low and high-and is almost silent at low altitudes, but creates the gentle breeze that we hoped for without problems. The range itself is very extensive, well made and really a beautiful thing, especially for a loving mid-century girl like me.
However, before installing the fan in our room, we decided to test it first in our large living/dining room. Our fan arrived just as the afternoon sun was hitting the large windows of this room on an oppressive and humid day.

With the height-adjustable fan, we immediately noticed a cool feeling-even this little vfan Jr. was able to create a refreshing air movement in our large space. For the size of this fan, I was totally impressed by the of air it can move!
The next night, which was just as hot and humid as we settled into our living room for the night, we unfortunately lacked the Vfan Jr.this had been transferred to our room. After a brief discussion, we decided to order another fan — this time the full size – to keep us comfortably cool in our main living space.
I chose red this time-quite an attractive paint job, if I do say so myself.

We opted for the next larger size to have the additional ventilation speed and like the Vfan Jr. we cooled our living space quite well on the high setting and thought that the next top size would work well at medium speed, which is still quite quiet and without problems when watching TV, although even the highest setting is not very noisy.
I have had these fans for several weeks now and we use them every day and every night. I really noticed a difference in the comfort level of our house, especially on hot and humid days. Even when the air conditioning is not on, the house feels much cooler and fresher due to the air circulation of these two small fans. It is safe to say that I am “a big fan” of these Vintage Vornado VFANs.

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