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Mid Century Bathroom Choose Retro Colored Tile


Are you looking for 4×4 wall tiles in retro color for your mid-century bathroom renovation? I am now in about 35 places looking for 4×4 (ish) ceramic tiles in vintage color. The two things I’m looking for: tile manufacturer with four-inch square sizes wearing vintage color (or at least some color). My search includes a variety of options. For example, some reader are looking for new wall tiles with all the different accent pieces for a gut remodel. Other are looking for replacement wall tiles. Some reader may want a simple 4×4, other may be interested in more expensive artisanal options.


B&W Tile-the B&W tile is a long-time focal point for new 4×4 tiles produced today due to its wide range of vintage color + you can make all bullnose pieces and other accent pieces. Clay Squared, a Minneapolis-based company, also sells the black and white line.

Make it Mid Century-Make It Mid Century is now a strong competitor with an extensive collection of 4-1/4 square ceramic wall tiles. The assortment of MIMC includes two shades of pink and other retro color, such as two bright shades of sapphire, speckled gold dust, salt and pepper,gray, orchid (!), yellow and sea foam. MIMC also wears all the trim parts. Owner Susan suggests calling directly to place an order to receive a personalized invoice based on the current shipping prices, etc.

The line of MIMC comes from Nemo-but MIMC carries color that are not displayed on Nemo’s website. Susan can also provide a second set of 4×4 tiles that she has not shown on her website; she says, “Ceramica Vogue’s system line is another place that carries real 4″ x 4″ (not 4¼”). (Since this is an Italian line, it is indicated in centimeters.). They have good color, including pink and purple. They also carry four different finishes, including some that are suitable for flooring (but not in all color). We can source these tiles for interested customers.”

Daltile-Daltile is probably the biggest tile brand in the US – and still a place we would be looking for. If you find a color you like, you may be able to buy it through your local big—box or tile store-and shipping will not be charged. In September 2021, your 4x4ish wall tiles all seemed to be bundled in the Color Wheel Classic collection-and you can now also get matching shower shelves! And Note >> You can also get mid–century modern color from Daltile 4×4(ishes) right at the Home Depot – see this story. Also check the collections of natural tones and color adjustments; the latter even allows custom color, although I have not researched the details of this program.

American Olean-

American Olean is part of Daltile and has its color in its Color Story wall collection. (As I’m writing this) a handful of AO color are also being brought to lowes.
Nemo Tile-See Metrowall collection of 4×4. You can order directly from Nemo. Or Make It Midcentury has a large selection of these Nemo tiles—along with some color not seen on the Nemo website; Classic Tile is currently showing a smaller number of their designs.

Classic Tile New York-Has a selection of color from Nemo and Roca. Classic New York tile.
Roca Tile-Roca Tile seems to have introduced more retro picks over time. They also wear a large selection of decorative parts. Classic Tile carries some of these Roca tiles.

Big Box Stores- you can usually find 4×4 bathroom tiles in Big Box Stores at great prices, especially for neutral color. (Note my separate link for Daltile at Home Depot above.) When I was renovating my bathrooms a few year ago, I found pink beige at Home Depot, garnished it with white bullnose muzzle and it looks overwhelming.

Wayfair has a seemingly changing list of four-inch square tiles in retro color that could fit a bill.

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