Kitchen of Elizabeth in 1965 Before and After Gloomy

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Kitchen of Elizabeth in 1965 Before and After Gloomy


Yesterday Elizabeth invited us to weigh the choice of floor tiles for her retro renovation of the sapphire bathroom. While preparing the story, I came across an earlier email that I dropped through the cracks. She had sent me a picture of her ongoing pink kitchen refresher. Good news about the time frame: Your job is done now-and damn, wait until you see this transformation!

Dear Pam:

This house is my house from 1965. It is called Diamond Crest because it has adorable diamond shaped windows on the front side wall. (And because diamonds are the best friends of girls .) I mentioned that I bought it in this old original article–or maybe in the comments after that, I can’t remember now. I bought it in October 2014!!! It’s 99% done now, but it took forever because we wanted to do other things. I read their last awards “the hard way” and thought , DAMN! Even if you just throw money at a project, it will always be difficult! My husband, who is not a plumber, had to install the floating toilet, because no one else knew how.

It is a valued house with 1.774 SF and my goal was not to change anything, but only to make it perfect again. Also better.

Diamond Crest was a house for rent and the owner laid the same beige tile in the Mexican style, which is located on every current floor in Texas. I had broken all this, even though it was brand new, because it’s not HALF MOD. (Fortunately, the terrazzo entrance hall and the pink tiled bathroom, as well as the mint green tiled bathroom floors, remained intact.)

And she continued:

The construction is 100% complete. I put on adorable pink blinds because I know it will take me forever and a day to find the fabulous flower curtains I want. I bought a 5 Wal T-shirt at WalMart about four year ago and it has exactly the pattern I would like! I will never give away this shirt! Think of Dorothy, I think. In addition, I still have to arrange the place with decor. I’m busy with other things and it stays there for a while.

But they heard much more than they expected. Note that every purchase was made in consultation with ! (and it was a lot of shopping!) So you were my constant companion, although you did not know it!

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