Faux Steel and Aluminum Metal Counter Edge Trim

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Faux Steel and Aluminum Metal Counter Edge Trim


The edges of the metal kitchen countertops create an authentic look for a mid-century, Vintage or retro kitchen. On this page, I will describe where to find this type of border intended for the laminate border — formica, Wilsonart, etc. – countertops as in the 1940s, 1950s and before. I show examples of current kitchen projects from reader … I show a video of my own kitchen worktop with steel edges… and I’m pointing out some historical references. All with the aim: to help you decide which type of metal border you prefer and make your search easier. Note that I first tried to put the original manufacturer in the spotlight, it often turned out to be difficult to see who makes what and who sells whom on websites. So there is a mix of manufacturer and distributors – shop around!

1. stainless steel countertop edge:

The U-shaped clip-on stainless steel countertop edge is my favorite-I used it in my kitchen renovation. For my countertops, we used three different pieces — (1) a snap-on countertop edge, (2) a “bay” shape to connect the countertop to the backsplash, and (3) a smaller snap-on top edge of the backsplash.

The only source I know of for this stainless steel border is >> New York Metals <<. Note: For stainless steel, go directly to the parts labeled “SS” – followed by a number. My husband deserves great credit for the discovery of New York metals. They’ve been doing this edge for decades. 10+ year now in my kitchen, this edge looks as awesome as the day it came in

2. Aluminum Countertop Edges:

  • RetroTrims aka Eagle Molding-manufactures a variety of Aluminum countertop edges. They tell me: “Eagle Mouldings is the largest supplier of retro Aluminum moldings and moldings. We stock wavy or fluted face noses, angles, bars and tees, bays, as well as smooth or smooth noses and tees. Our retro polished Aluminum and chrome aluminum trims are available in polished, British, satin or transparent, bronze and black or standard finishes. Our customized and OEM Aluminum extrusion services allow us to meet all the requirements of our customers. We can cut, punch, drill and lower to length or miter, shape or bend each Extrusion to specifications, as well as provide many Standard and custom anodized color.”

  • Bars & Booths has a 1.5-inch flat, ribbed Aluminum countertop edge that, according to the company, “is made for us with the same molds that were used in the 40s and 50s.” :). There are also other sizes. They also offer metal edges with room to place vinyl or laminate as an accent — but I believe it’s about 3″ wide, usually a size reserved for tables, not countertops.
  • New York Metals-offers a variety of Aluminum countertop edging parts. You can get it with a brushed/matte finish or with a glossy polished finish.
  • Heffron’s offers a wide range of aluminum moldings and a nice page for retro renovators to sort the choices.
  • Brunneret has a range of Aluminum banners. In addition to the simple 1.5″ pitch nose design, it also seems that it offers a 1.25″ Aluminum molding designed for price tags-but instead you can use a colored strip of laminate or vinyl (?) and get a banded edge look-worth a try or calling to see. Note: The typical edges of kitchen countertops are 1.5″ in my experience— but this is not an absolute rule. They have a similar design in 7/8″ wide. Thanks to reader Bill for this tip.
  • McMaster-Carr has Aluminum T-moldings and other designs that could work.
  • Water plastics are another source.

  • Orange aluminum too.
  • Home Depot – Jean’s husband found an aluminum molding at Home Depot that he used to carve the bathroom table that he made in a satin style. Be aware: a kitchen countertop is usually 1.5″ tall; if you choose a narrower/shallower countertop edge, you will need to plan accordingly. Another reader pointed out Alexandria Molding at Home Depot (which I could only make out in 1″ wide. Joan said that she had tampered with an aluminum molding found at Home Depot by a Jury: “When we put a new layer of Formica on our kitchen countertops, we went to Home Depot and got inexpensivemetal edges, carefully bent them in the corners, glued them, and then inserted a few decorative screws into them. I think it was a very inexpensiveOption and it still looks good!”

3. search locally for metal counter edges and save on shipping costs:

Some reader have told me in the past that local stores can offer some of these products. If you can find warehouses on site, you can save a lot on shipping, as this material is often delivered in 12′ lengths — oversized and a potentially relatively high shipping cost. I don’t have any research on unique local retailers – this can be determined by local and regional preferences. If you have the time to do your research locally, you may be able to save money on shipping.

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