Christmas Ornament Wreath 20 Step Procedure

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Christmas Ornament Wreath 20 Step Procedure


If you are looking for an “easy DIY Christmas ornament Garland” tutorial, this is not the case. To make a really beautiful decorative wreath, you need a lot of ornaments — and even more patience. This tutorial says 4 hour to make a wreath, but I usually spend 10 hour or more, spread over a few days to complete a wreath. The way I think about it: I’m making a 3D collage with the goal of giving attention and art to each element. And there is no hurry — I’m here to enjoy the process — and not just “cross that off the to-do list”.

Nevertheless, making a do-it—yourself Christmas decoration wreath is a perfectly feasible project-a super rewarding art form for those of us who can’t paint, draw or sculpt- once you have a plan. To help you create a beautiful decorative wreath that will surely become a valuable family heirloom, I have refined our tutorial, video and more than 30 tips-gathered from more than a decade of experience in making wreaths personally and Georgia Peachez herself.

Over a decade of experience in the production of Christmas ornament wreaths-vintage

I published our first tips for making a vintage Christmas decoration in 2010. They came directly from Georgia Peachez, who was a pioneer in the art of vintage Christmas decorations wreaths—I showed one of her creations for the first time on Christmas Eve 2009. As far as I know, these early instructions were among the first-if not the first – on the Internet and helped to launch a billion wreaths with DIY Christmas decorations since then and go further.

This updated tutorial is even more comprehensive, including a video and many tips from my own experience of making crowns, friends and reader.

If you want to make art, but you are not good at painting our drawing, this is a great profession. So far I have made more than a dozen wreaths — they have become family heirlooms for everyone I gave away. Not easy… but if you take your time, spectacular!

Before or after reading our tutorial, watch the video made by Kate, editor-in-chief, which shows the process of making crowns from starting to end. If I remember correctly, she mainly used vintage Christmas decorations. Note that Kate was an art major and is a graphic designer by profession, so she has great design skills and makes the design part easier than I think it is than she is. I take my time-a lot of time to get my design just like that!

Step-by-step instructions for creating a truly beautiful Christmas ornament wreath:
Time required: 4 hour.

Steps for making a DIY Christmas ornament wreath

Study the drawings of other crowns

Similar to searching for interior design photos so that you can refine your own taste and learn how to put a room together beautifully, I would say that the first step in this whole process is to look at a whole bunch of decorative wreaths online.

To help you out, I’ve put together this gallery of 39 crowns — including 15 by Georgia Peachez — that have been made crowns in over 12 year.

Are there certain color wreaths that you like-you want to collect ornaments and weebits for these color. Can you visually “deconstruct” the various elements of the favorite wreaths and learn from them? You might even print out a few ideas and keep them handy while making your wreath. I almost always have new ideas when I spend time looking at other well-made crowns. Google Images is another great place to search for a Christmas decorations wreath, and tons of wreaths appear.

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