Authentic Vintage Plans Still Accessible Today

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Authentic Vintage Plans Still Accessible Today


Are you interested in using an authentic vintage laminate design for your bathroom or kitchen countertop? Over the year I have been blogging, so-called “document” models have appeared and disappeared. Here is an update/sweep of the current offers. I have at least 8 samples of reproduction laminate patterns available today, some of which are available in several color.

1. Cracked ice laminates- in four color

The ice cracked laminate pattern was among the first to be offered when the laminate was first invented for use on the countertop. I am inclined to believe: the first cracked ice pattern came from Formica and was called ” pearl.”It’s an ‘abstract’ design that was very popular in kitchens and at dinner parties. If you are interested in historical authenticity, I would say that this laminate design is good for kitchens from about 1938 to 1953. This laminate will continue to be digitally printed and manufactured to order by Wilsonart. It is available in four color: red, yellow, gray and green.

2. Laminate Formica Skylark boomerang – one color

According to Formica historians, designer Brooks Stevens designed Formica’s famous boomerang pattern, originally called Skylark, “Brooks Stevens’ Facebook pages indicate that the pattern was designed in 1950 and has four color variations (dig the carnival mix over a light gray field!). In 1953, the company hired Raymond Loewy Associates to recolor the palette. Today, the only paint that Formica sells in the USA is charcoal. Hey, you can even get it on Amazon, and I’m going to win a little spiff. Alternatively, it is also available through Home Depot and other retailers such as Heffron.

3. Glitter laminate from SparkeLam in 27 possible color!

In one of the biggest developments in the history of this blog, entrepreneur Susan Halla of Make It Midcentury has reintroduced the glitter laminate — and it’s available in 27 or more color. Glitter laminate was perhaps the most popular laminate design of all time, I tend to believe. It’s so versatile!

4 & 5. Marguerite de Wilsonart in 7 color and Compre in 5 color

I love wilsonart’s daisy pattern from the 1970s, which the company says was originally inspired by flowers in a crochet dress pattern. But of course it was! It was the 70s! We had some reader who used the super funny Marguerite Wilsonart pattern from the 1960s in their kitchens and bathrooms.

Compre comes from wilsonart’s records from the 1960s.

6. Formica White Onyx: happy 50th birthday.

Formica told me in 2011 that white onyx was introduced in 1969 and is still in its range. I checked-and it’s still there. That’s what makes this laminated design — which I think was very popular back then-50 year old this year!

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