Acme Dinettes Still Manufactured After 70 Year

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Acme Dinettes Still Manufactured After 70 Year


Are you looking for a Vintage dining area but having a hard time finding exactly what you want? How about: Order a new dining area – made by a company from their original designs from 1949 to 1959. Yes: Acme Chrome Furniture Ltd. was founded in March 1946-celebrating 70 year of uninterrupted activity in two months! – and they still make these dining areas today!

I spoke to the owner and president of Acme Chrome, Terry Clark, who was extremely generous with information and images about the company’s history — so we have a typically epic retro renovation story ahead of us! Note that TODAY, the dining areas are officially manufactured by ACCRO Furniture Industries, a subsidiary Of Acme Chrome. I use both names interchangeably in this story – but I tend to Acme because that was the original name – and oh so retro!

Clark told us that the production of these Vintage dining areas actually stopped in 1959, when consumer demand for these styles had decreased. But the company manufactured other varieties of metal furniture for Other markets, so the production of metal furniture at the enterprise did not stop at any time.

Then, in 1995, when the company was preparing to move and had to take the original tools out of the warehouse, enough year had passed that yes — what is old was new again. The retro Design attracted more attention — Clark pointed out the reintroduction of the Volkswagen Beetle — so Acme decided to put its dining room designs back into production.

So hey, I don’t think we should call these “reproductions”! These are the same authentic models from the heyday of the 1950s – which are still today.

When we do epic stories like this, there are usually a lot of emails that come and go. Terry Clark followed up with at least two detailed emails to clarify some of our questions. We edited and combined them to put it all together:

Our company was founded in 1946 and the main products manufactured in the early year included metal dining sets for post residential needs.

The development of our furniture products has actually followed the demographics of consumers, first from their homes to their workplaces, commercial restaurants, then schools and finally health facilities. Over the decades, furniture for classrooms and expanded nursing homes was finally replaced by products mainly intended for public use, such as quick-service restaurants, hospitality and the gaming industry.

However, after the production of dining rooms stopped after 1959, Acme continued its activities. The main activity of the company then-and today – is commercial, providing Restaurants, educational institutions, other commercial spaces-even Casinos where you could sit on an Acme stool while playing slot machines!

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